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End of the First Quarter is near., the role out plan for HIKING TO BUILD HOPE

Okay, update : End of the First Quarter is near., the role out plan for HIKING TO BUILD HOPE will role out during April…

Thank you all for hanging in there. We look forward to beginning to build HOPE in your local Community for those who may have lost their hope for the momoent…. during 2012

” Dream Good Dreams ” for the friends in your community that may have forgotten how to have Good Dreams!

Thank you

Founder: Francis G Howell HTBH


Leap Day with a Special friend out for a nice event today to lift her spirit

Today made big smiles in her day, summit lunch all prepared. Gave My Friend a Piggy Back ride 200 yards so her New sneakers would stay clean. She had a great time laughing for her special LEAP DAY health and spirit extra day this year.

LEAP DAY…Leap outside yourself

LEAP DAY…Leap outside yourself and push to take a friend out for a nice event today. Build their spirit up and you will bring a smile too….. Carpe Diem….. Go outside yourself and help a friend smile today !

LEAP DAY TOMORROW : Build someones spirit with your time

LEAP DAY TOMORROW :: Do something SPECIAL with your favorite person tomorrow, its an extra day, so use it with a FRIEND, One of your CHILDREN, FAMILY MEMBER… or that SPECIAL SOMEONE… ITS AN EXTRA DAY FOR YOU TO USE & DO AS YOU WISH! So have a blast doing something other then the same old same ole stuff ( Visit that 1 person who needs a lift in SPIRIT )

We are looking for your input:

Do you consider hiking as a walking event ? Climbing event ? Rock Climbing event at times ? Mountaineering as we summit during all seasons including winter ? We are considering changing the name to Adventures to Build Hope ? Thank you for your input and we appreciate any and all suggestions. Your Coordinator.

Does Your Community Provide HOPE to the Fallen Adventurer

Does your community provide HOPE to the fallen adventures that have had a major life altering change physically/mentally/emotionally ? Perhaps they have been set back due to any number of reasons. An unfortunate mishap while adventuring and needs thier spirit and health rebuilt? If so, lets help!

Get involved in your local community 2012 and lets get these people back to healthy living and adventuring today!.

HOPE to the people around you. Is there a person in your community ?

Please allow our site to better understand your communities spirit and health. Get involved and aid in your communities healthy spirit of living through the vehicle of outdoor adventure building.

 Is there a person in your community that has had a major life alteration in outdoor adventure ability ?

Lets reach out to meet their need of health and spirit rebuilding with the support of leadership within that community.

2012 Make the challenge your mission to bring new HOPE to the people around you.

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